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Engineering Blogs B.V. dev blog
CourseraEngineering Coursera
Facebook Inc. Facebook Code
GithubGithub Engineering
Google Google Developer Blog - Machine Learning
Google Developer Blog - Developer
Google Engineering Tools
HerokuHeroku Engineering Blog
KickstarterKickstarter Engineering - Backing & Hacking
LinkdeInLinkedIn Engineering Blog
NetflixThe Netflix Tech blog
PaypalPaypal Engineering
PinterestPinterest engineering blog
QuoraEngineering at Quora
SlackThe Slack Engineering Blog
SpotifySpotify Labs
StackoverflowStack Overflow Blog – Work of Stack Overflow's engineering team
ToptalToptal Engineering Blog
TwitterThe Twitter Engineering Blog
Uber Uber Engineering Blog
YelpYelp Engineering

Blogs by CSE,BUET alumni

Abu Zaher Md. Faridee'05Personal website
Enzam Hossain'07Enzam's Blog, Everything, my day to day, technology, etc.
Ibrahim Rashid'07IRashid's Blog. Also here goes an older one with day to day activities and works.
Ragib HasanRagib Hasan's blog
Shafiul Azam Chowdhury'07Personal website, personal blog

Other Personal Blogs

Werner Vogel (CTO, Amazon)All Things Distributed - weblog on building scalable and robust distributed systems
Martin FowlerMartin Fowler's blog -- this guy is awesome!!
Jeff DeanGoogle plus page

Interesting Titles

High ScalabilityHigh Scalability -- Building bigger, faster, more reliable websites
Stories about good software architecture
IBM Developer works

Software engineering interview practice

(Acknowledgement: There is no shortcut for achievements, and interviewers aren't monkeys. And it's always challenging to consume skills in just hours, which took other people years of dedication. To make stuffs happen, you gotta know how to do things. However, despite of all blockage, if you came up with a plan to improve your current self from your older self, these resources might help you for good practice or following up on trends.)

System design basics
Easy algorithm practice - Leet code algorithm practice
GainloWhat? Interview coaching from Googlers?
Geeks for geeksA computer science portal for geeks
Career cupCareercup - interview questions
GlassdoorGlassdoor - Interview questions
Google InterviewA complete computer science study plan to become a software engineer at Google.

Bunch of books that no one wants to read, just keeps a collection

Clean CodeClean Code - A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship
Big list of books - 1What is the single most influential book every programmer should read
C++ BooksThe Definitive C++ book guide and list